Normal use and wear of the transmission produces metal shavings in the fluid. Metal shavings are little warning signs that need to be addressed and related to the care and maintenance of the transmission.

A few reasons for metal shavings can be

  • Choosing a bad grade fluid, or
  • A late change of oil,
  • Over revving up the engine where the fluid does not have enough time to coat/lubricate the moving parts.

These can be prime examples of causes for the metal shavings you have found. It is normal to find dust or smudge for car owners as a sign for normal wear & tear though. With upgrade mods or without, if you find metal shavings in your oil, either take it to a qualified transmission technician, or if you’re competent enough, check all the transmission components. Transmissions can handle a lot of pressure and HP if set up correctly, though the components are not eternal or bulletproof. Even the minimalist gear head has tendencies to get on it a little more than normal. Remember to maintain your vehicle per the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines.

FYI Fact: Metal shavings are NOT caused by the Phantom Grip LSD Conversion Kit. Okay, we are going to address this one again. Phantom Grip has been getting that bad rap for a while as being the cause for metal shavings, though rest assured, that can occur to owners of vehicles, who don’t even know what a limited slip, lsd, or differential is yet. If you are equipped with a Phantom Grip Limited Slip LSD, we recommend change of oil after 20 hours of race use.

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