Eliminate Torque Steer

Phantom Grip’s unique functions have proven to eliminate the effects of torque steer. You will be able to accelerate with confidence and feel a bit more in control.

500 PX NEON (2)

Corner Faster

PG’s LSD disc-type limited slip feature allows you to accelerate quicker, while sustaining higher speeds through corners.


Improve Handling

Phantom Grip users report more control when driving in scary weather conditions. Add assurance in snow & rain. Equalized tire wear will also improve control of your vehicle.

2003-2005 CIVIC (2)

Increase 60′ Times

‘Drag racers’ know what we mean. With the Phantom Grip LSD locker feature, your 100% hook up on the launch, will make the most of those time slips, and your time invested at the track.

Need an affordable LSD you can count on? Look no further!

Phantom Grip’s budget friendly LSD upgrade gives you the needed edge to leave your competition behind. Don’t get stuck. Get a Grip!…Phantom Grip

Why choose us?

  • Expert advice & consulting from the original Phantom Grip design team since 1999
  • Quality control over selective materials, heat treat process and rock well testing
  • Research & development backed by motorsports engineers
  • Proven performance gains with vigorous professional testing
  • Free customer service & tech support with a swift response time
  • Custom in house installations available
  • Lifetime warranty PG Kit replacement in case of manufacture defect or breakage of the product itself

Explore Ground You Couldn’t Before!

Phantom Grip Limited Slip LSD Conversion Kits provide more traction reliability and performance than with your open differential. Power through the mud, dirt, or snow sending grip to those wheels and have some fun!


PG Gallery

Take a look at what others have done using Phantom Grip decide for yourself. It may not be for everyone, but it could be for you.

daihatsu charade (2)

PG LSD Installation

When purchasing your Phantom Grip LSD KIT, you will receive a step by step install guide that guides you through the completed PG diff Conversion process. Tech support is available in case you have any questions.

VW using Phantom Grip

Features & Functions

The Phantom Grip Limited Slip LSD has two unique features that once the hp/torque has engaged the unit, you benefit from either a 100% locker, or a limited slip diff lsd.

Users Reviews:

Join the many Happy Users of Phantom Grip products and see why they love it so much!

“With the test driving I did, the Phantom Grip LSD kit was essential and I probably picked up about 50% more traction. Very ‘grippy’ and impossible to distinguish from a very expensive viscous LSD in a friend’s Swift GTi race car; He was kicking himself for spending 4 times what he had to, Ha ha. Cheers, Geoff H. “ — Suzuki Swift Gti

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