Here’s what others are saying:

My car has a 4age 20v 1600cc Blacktop engine (modified). The Phantom Grip has increased my traction, helping me to launch my car better from the line and improve my 60’ times.  I now have more control over my car. The Phantom Grip is working extremely well for me, and my customer’s cars.I am happy with the service I receive from PG as an international buyer & they are always assisting me in getting the right set up for my clients.

The Phantom has been great. The wear has been minimal. The unit locks up when it is supposed to and plays like an open diff when I need it to. It is a LSD conversion so torque steer will not be completely eliminated although it is significantly less than with an open.
Cost is great. I drive with the Phantom on my road car, (front and rear) and haven’t had a problem yet.  Be it snow, Autocross and rally it just works.

Just finished the Mexican 1000. I think we did well and I can’t say enough about how well the Phantom Grip LSD did!!  We went through some really gnarly sections that we would never have made it through with the open diff as it was.  We hammered the LSD for almost 1300 miles on some of the roughest terrain you can throw at a car and it never skipped a beat.

Car runs great! Definitely has a bit more thrust on the snow covered city streets, because both tires are now pulling! The tire squealing noise is now twice as loud because both tires now spin on the blacktop. The car does pull harder until both tires lose traction. Third gear no longer breaks loose! Definitely can notice more traction! I’m sure this will improve our cars’ performance at the strip and on the track!

Why everyone doesn’t buy this is beyond me! Daily driving on snow covered roads is a no spin thing now. I have twice the traction! I took a 90 degree corner this a.m. at 25mph in second gear, and was able to accelerate through the corner with very little tire slip; A move like that on a stock open diff would have lit the inside tire up instantly. This is now my favorite mod!

As far as reliability of this device, my opinion is that is pretty much bullet proof. If someone experiences a problem, it’s most likely because of a bad installation. Do not be afraid to buy one for your car. The LSD only holds so much power, I estimate about 3/4 throttle around corners in second and third before the inside tire spins. It is a huge improvement. I can’t wait for testing on warm and dry pavement. The LSD makes driving this car so much more enjoyable.

I have installed the LSD piece and it works perfect. I had the resurface it and play around with it to fit correctly in, but it’s all done now. Car handles like a go kart. And I mean it in a good way. That’s a compliment. Really, it’s beyond belief. I have tested out my car both on tarmac and gravel and I have no complaints.

-Peter, SAMS Rally driver # 37, VW GOLF GTI