100% Locker

One of Phantom Grip LSD’s distinctive features is its function as a locker-PT Cruiser Limited Sliptype LSD offering 100% locking in hard acceleration. When torque is applied through acceleration, the disc plates will pivot, locking the diff”s spider & axle gears, causing both wheels to exert equal power to the ground, providing less torque steer than driving with an open differential.

Cornering & Braking Limited Slip

531714_516961098342898_2032603977_nWith Phantom Grip’s unique design and precision cut disc plates, the disc-type limited slip function will engage during cornering and braking. The disc plates exert equal load against the diff spider and axle gears using spring pressure to control the amount of slippage at the wheels. This allows you to accelerate quicker, while sustaining higher speeds through corners.

Although seemingly simple, the ‘Phantom Grip design’ offers as much maximum traction as other limited slips on the market. Proven performance since 1999.