Tech Tip Video Share-Resurfacing Your Differential Gears

We thought this would be a good visual example recorded by David Grayzanic on how to resurface the differential’s gears if  it’s needed. Only when you have your Phantom Grip Limited Slip Kit in hand, and your ready to install the lsd kit into your open diff, will you know if  you,

1: Have the correct lsd kit

2: Need to resurface the gears due to some clearance tolerances

So, once you confirm that the need to resurface the gears is needed, due to a raised casting lip, or just some height allowance, this is one of the best steps, if you have access to these types of machines.


Take a moment to view David Grayzanic’s video post on how he resurfaced his gears to a nice smooth flat mating surface for his Honda diff.example of resurfacing your differential gears to install phantom grip lsd kit


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