Rally Subaru Impreza WRX with Dirt In Mind

Rally teams like Knight Steel enjoy the benefits of a limited slip and when choosing Phantom Grip for their  Subaru Impreza & Forester automatic open diff set-ups, the results compared to other top brands they had used in the past.

“The Phantom Grip has been great. The wear has been minimal. The unit locks up when it is supposed to and plays like an open diff when I need it to. It is a LSD conversion so torque steer will not be completely eliminated, although it is significantly less than with an open.subaru impreza phantom grip limited slip lsd
Cost is great. I drive with the Phantom in my road car, (front and rear) and haven’t had a problem yet.  Be it snow, Autocross and rally it just works.

See the small rooster tail in the pic? That’s the Phantom Grip in action!”-John R.