Big Turbo 2JZ Swapped Hyundai Genesis Supra

Here we found Czero Media’s review on Youtube covering this sweet sounding Hyundai Genesis 2Jz.

On the list of mods is the Hyundai Genesis Phantom Grip Limited Slip LSD. Hyundai Genesis Phantom Grip Limited Slip LSD

Borg Warner S366 T4 Turbo (Good for 900hp)
5 Speed R154 Transmission
Dual Aeromotive 340 pumpsCosmis Racing 18×9.5 XT-006r’s
Phantom Grip Hyundai Genesis Limited Slip LSD
BC Coilover with upper pillow mounts
2000cc Injectors
Driftmotion Fuel Rail
AEM MKIV Supra V1 Full Standalone ECU
Summit Gas Pedal to convert from drive by wire to cable
Summit Throttle Cable
AEM IAT AEM 3.5 bar MAP sensor
Tial BOV
Tial Wastegate
Forged Polished Radiator
Flexalite 420 Fans
Aeromotive FPR
AEM Uego Wideband O2 Sensors
4” Custom Made Turbo Back Exhaust
Speed Hut Custom Gauges