How well does the car hook, compared to a viscous factory diff?
It’s really hard to beat. It makes vlsd’s (viscous limited slip differentials) it’s *****.
So, over a year ago now, I purchased a used Phantom Grip equipped differential from someone at a Enjuku Racing. It had seen a few 1/4 passes on drag radials, as well as extended street abuse.
I put it in my friend’s car, which was your typical 1 bar sr swap; Did nothing but burn tires, do donuts, drag race, you name it- abused the hell out of it, (the lsd kit that is) and even tried to break it.
Then I put it in my maroon automatic once cam Coupe, just to be able to slide around on rainy days.
Now the diff equipped with the highly used PG is in my friend Rob’s (Garage Battle) sil front sr swap coupe, and it’s drifted and beaten on regularly.
It definitely is only a 1-way limited slip, but it works incredibly, and IT is VERY durable. We’ve had no problems with this thing, and it’s seen heavy abuse virtually every weekend for the past year and a half!!!!
For the money, it’s really hard to beat. It makes vlsd’s it’s *****.
8/10 considering money spent.