Phantom Grip Sponsors David Grayzanic -Oh


Davids Civic 2016As David prepares for the 2016 Summit Motorsports Park High School Nationals on May 15, he approached us at Phantom Grip in the hopes of some Honda Limited Slip LSD support. He wrote us a powerful sponsorship request including his devotion for his academic goals as well as the passion he has for

for motorsports. He includes,

” The winner takes away a handful of scholarships from our surrounding areas including UNOH which is a big reason for my commitment to this race, as I would love to make some money for my education while doing something I love.”

David’s 1990 Honda Civic /converted to AWD, uses components from the RT4WD Civic Wagon & Honda CRV and powered by a fully built turbocharged DOHC Z, (essentially a Japanese DOHC variant of the basic U.S. SOHC D series engine).

We were happy to sponsor David for various reasons and hope he reaches his goals and takes the win on May 15th.

David's Honda tranny equipped with Phantom Grip LSD

David’s Honda tranny equipped with Phantom Grip LSD